Minter and Pikes Market

This tour is your last chance to see one really great garden!

Sagers Garden Travelers doesn’t do “canned” tours. Each is different from others before and our tour price includes all the amenities – transportation, rooms, admissions, meals and more. That means we must start from scratch with a new itinerary for each excursion – but the effort is worth it.

Buchart Gardens and Victoria 001Of course, there are “don’t miss” gardens – like Buchart this time – that we revisit, but great gardens change and grow better with the seasons and years. More importantly, there are always delightful new places to see and things to do. Often we find extra sites after the brochure and registration go out. This tour is no exception. We still have a surprise or two up our sleeves for our upcoming tour to the Gardens and Rain Forests of Washington and Canada. Read on to learn about them!

We are really excited about this fall’s travel. The closer it comes, the more excited we get. Although we might be like little kids anticipating Christmas, there are more good reasons for the eagerness. The trip just keeps getting better and better.

Minter gardens 007 (1)Larry visited Minter Gardens several years back, and he was impressed. We wanted to take our traveling guests there on earlier tours, but we couldn’t make it fit since it is located a little out of the way. This year Gretchen and I were delighted to work this 32-acre garden into the trip – in the nick of time as it turns out!

Minter gardens 007 (3)Gretchen recently found out that Minter Gardens is in its final season. It will close October 14, 2013. Our first thought was “Whew! We’re glad we didn’t wait any longer to go there.” Then it hit us. Oh, no! Minter might be winding down and letting go. The beds might be in decline.

Don’t worry, we contacted Minter and they assured us that the gardens will still be as lovely as ever.

Vancouver minter gardens 100Yes, after 33 years they are closing for personal and family reasons, but they are going out in style with a big celebration to commemorate the occasion. They plan to keep the gardens in great condition for the big event.

“Whew! We’re glad we didn’t wait any longer to go there.”



So far, we have added Pikes Market in Seattle, Washington. It is what one might consider the ultimate fish market – or is it the ultimate farmer’s market?

Fish Pike's Market (1)



It is both and more. Pikes Market is a permanent and massive production-to-consumer market. It is a hallmark of Seattle and is a “must see” place to shop, relax and enjoy.


18F01-4-13(10-33)This place has atmosphere! Whether you’ve been there or not, you are in for a treat!


We look forward to seeing you in September!