Gardens of Niagara, Canada and New York … and more!

October 6-13, 2009

Mighty! Compelling! Spectacular! The spectacle of Niagara Falls has eternally enchanted and enthralled visitors. You may hear the roar of the falls before you see them. Once you have heard that roar and seen the tumult as water cascades over the cliffs, you will carry the memory forever.

The place is mesmerizing – inspiring prose, poetry, art and romance while bringing out the wild side of the adventurous.

Canada, our neighbor shares our language and culture, it but has its own customs and traditions as well. The province of Ontario boasts magnificent scenery, open spaces, cities and cultural diversity. From its forests, to farmlands, to cosmopolitan urban centers, there is much to see and experience. And the gardens of Ontario are fabulous.

Best of all, upstate New York is all-American – a collage of rugged landscapes, hardwood forests, peaceful farms, New England architecture, estates, gardens, vineyards, and a mixture of varied cultures.

It is the home of innovation where forward thinkers created solutions – from the Erie Canal transportation corridor in the early 1800’s to the inception of the “camera for the masses” by George Eastman’s Kodak Company in the late 19th century.

We will find much to create delightful memories as we roam the gardens with gardenloving fellow travelers guided by Utah’s Garden Guru.

Complete your travel experience with wonderful historical sites, museums and excellent dining. Bring your camera to capture these unforgettable moments.

Tour Highlights

  • Niagara Falls
  • School of Horticulture Garden
  • Niagara Floral Clock
  • Niagara Botanical Gardens
  • Gardens of Toronto
  • Casa Loma Estate
  • Sonnenberg Gardens
  • Oh Canada Eh? Dinner Theater
  • George Eastman Home
  • International Museum of Photography and film
  • Artisanworks
  • Toronto Music Gardens
  • Royal Botanical Gardens
  • Niagara Park Floral Showcase

Niagara Falls is a powerful force of nature. Thousands of gallons of Niagara River water draining 264,000 square miles tumble over 2000 feet of cliffs to cascade nearly 200 feet and then crash into the river below.

As evening draws in, a panorama of lights illuminate Niagara Falls with the mists creating a spectacle you won’t want to miss.

Everything about the area is superlative – attracting visitors from around the world. Browse the city and take in the ambiance at your leisure. Tropical birds live among lush plants and aquatic life of their homelands, in the Niagara Parks Floral Showcase.

Lush, stunning gardens grace the escarpment along the river which forms the backdrop for Queen Victoria Park’s splendid gardens. The park boasts thousands of perennials, exquisite bedding plants and fall flowers that glory in the sunshine and are lit at night. The Niagara Falls Botanical Gardens is the home of the Niagara Parks School of Horticulture – the only residential school in Canada for apprentice gardeners. Their “campus” is a 100-acre garden canvas where they create exquisite floral displays that change with the seasons. Their expertise has also created fabulous rock, annual, herb, perennial and vegetable gardens. Discover the Fragrance Garden with aromatic plants and unusual textures.

Walk among beautiful wings in the Butterfly Conservatory – the perfect habitat for thousands of freeflying butterflies that flit about waterfalls and tropical flora inside. North American species are attracted to the outdoor butterfly garden surrounding it. See The Floral Clock – one of the world’s largest at 40 feet in diameter. It is formed with about 15,000 plants. The Floral Clock’s Westminster chimes ring about every 15 minutes.

Besides seeing gardens, spend time on your own at the museums and other attractions of Niagara. Get a delightful rollicking introduction to Canada’s culture and traditions in a rustic log cabin at Oh Canada EH? This lighthearted dinner show provides music and good clean fun while you enjoy a five-course Canadian meal. It is served by the show cast of Canadian characters – like Anne of Green Gables, singing Mounties, lumberjacks, a hockey player and more.

Medieval castles capture the imagination and Casa Loma is no exception. Designed to fit the whimsy of Canadian financier Sir Henry Pellatt in 1911, it required 300 men and $3.5 million to build. Set among English style gardens it could fit a setting in medieval England.

Art, gardening and music combine to make the Music Gardens, inspired by Bach’s “Suites for Unaccompanied Cello” and designed by Cellist Yo Yo Ma. This delightful garden, which encompasses with flowers, the movements of the symphony, flourishes along the Toronto water front.

Our tour will visit the waterfront, Toronto Botanical Gardens and other attractions.

Allan Gardens Conservatory is a peaceful and colorful oasis in the downtown bustle of Toronto. See exotic tropical flowering plants and cacti and the special fall flower display. Hamilton’s Royal Botanical Gardens is a collage of garden displays against a backdrop of cliffs and ravines.

The 50-acre Sonnenberg Estate is one of the most magnificent late Victorian gardens ever created in America. Colorful vistas and architectural treasures grace the grounds. Nine formal gardens including sunken, Italian, rock and water gardens, a greenhouse complex, statues, gazebos, fountains and ponds, dramatize the fabulous 1887 Queen Ann style mansion.

Take your choice for an afternoon in upstate New York. Spend some time near the Erie Canal in historic downtown Palmyra. Browse the largest collection of woven coverlets in America at the Alling Coverlet Museum which displays and shares background information on coverlets from across the country. Check the wares of the historic William Phelps General Store, General Historical Museum, or the Palmyra Print Shop which features Courier Journal artifacts from Palmyra’s hometown 1838 newspaper and the history of printing from 1866-1870.


The LDS church began its infancy in beautiful Palmyra, New York. Visit LDS History Sites Sacred Grove, Joseph Smith’s Home, the Hill Cumorah, Grandin Print Shop where the first edition of the Book of Mormon was published in 1830, and Palmyra temple with its attractive grounds.