Gardens and Nurseries of Portland

April 28 – May 2, 2002

Join us on our tour of the Lovely Spring Gardens of Portland. Nature endowed Portland with majestic mountain vistas, and a mild climate. Gardens love Oregon’s climate and you’ll love the gardens. Savor exquisite rhododendrons and azaleas at their peak and stroll among other lovely spring blooms.

The Willamette Valley is a horticultural Garden of Eden. More than 200 different agricultural crops are grown commercially here. Agricultural crops have given way to the world’s greatest nursery production area. The scenery is outstanding, the horticulture is wonderful and adding your company will make it perfect.

Dine on delicious food and enjoy great travelers. Staying at a single hotel for the entire trip means you can relax without moving suitcases.

Get answers to your garden questions from two garden gurus, Larry Sagers and Duane Hatch, while enjoying splendid gardens.

Larry is a horticulturist with Utah State University Extension and host of the Saturday Morning KSL Greenhouse show. Duane was an extension agent in Oregon for 22 years before joining Utah’s Extension service. He retired back to Oregon and will share his expertise in his home state. Larry and Diane Sagers have conducted many tours in 38 states and 4 countries.

DAY 1 Monday

  • Arrive this morning in Portland and tour for the rest of the day.
  • Rhododendrons and azaleas love Portland!!!  Relish the riot of spring color among the 5000 rhododendrons and azaleas, magnolias, and dogwoods at world famous Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden.
  • See where your favorite plants may have originated and what the nursery industry can grow in Oregon’s perfect plant climate on our afternoon Nursery Tour.

DAY 2 Tuesday

  • The Oregon Nursery industry is number one in the world. See what they have created at the fabulous, new Oregon Garden. It is a showcase of the finest plant collections of the world’s largest nursery industry. Wander through 65 acres of "don’t miss" botanical gardens or enjoy it by tram. Plant collectors and casual gardeners will all enjoy this.
  • Visit Deepwood Estate, with an 1894 Queen Anne home featuring fine oak woodwork, stained glass windows, and a multi-gabled carriage house. Stroll through 5 acres of hedged English Garden "rooms" and nature trails.
  • See the former home of a pioneer banker and newspaper publisher, Asahel Bush, at Bush House Museum. Wander the garden grounds and recently 1882conservatory, the oldest in Oregon.

DAY 3 Wednesday

  • The panoramic views of the Columbia River and Columbia River Gorge are among Nature’s gifts to Oregon.  Magnificent Multnomah Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in the U.S., cascades down in two levels over majestic rock faces. Around the falls and unusual rock formations of 2000-foot, waterfall-laced, sheer cliffs, the mountains, forestland, rain forests, and woods will be decked out in their spring glory.
  • Bonneville Lock and Dam harnesses the power of the river and controls its fury. See magnificent black sturgeon up to 10 feet long and 100 years old in the viewing ponds and watch salmon and other fish use the ladders to swim upstream.
  • Boring, Oregon isn’t boring because of the nurseries there. Iseli Nursery is known world wide for dwarf conifers and unusual plants. This is your chance to see them.
  • See the rare and unusual plants at Stanley Nursery, display and clone gardens. The nursery produces 400 varieties of Japanese Maples and 2000 of conifers.

DAY 4 Thursday

  • Visit the 120-year-old Portland Art Museum, the region’s oldest visual and media arts center. Examine treasures spanning 35 centuries from around the world.
    The Portland Classical Chinese Garden is their newest garden attraction. It will enchant you with its tile-roofed pavilions walled grounds. Artisans and craftsmen from Suzhou, China designed the garden and imported many of its features.
  • Mingle with your friends on the tour at our delightful evening activity.

Day 5 Friday

  • Hoyt Arboretum is spectacular in any season, but the spring flowering cherries, pears, crabapples and magnolias will make our driving tour even more delightful.
  • Appreciate the authentic Japanese style in Portland’s crown garden jewel, the Japanese Garden. Walk through the strolling pond Garden, and savor its irregular terrain, rock-studded ponds, reflection pond, waterfalls, and moon bridge and sand and stone garden. See a spectacular view of Portland and the distant lofty peak of Mt Hood.
  • The Grotto is an outdoor cathedral carved into a 110-foot cliff, enshrining a marble replica of the famous Pietá by Michaelangelo.
  • Take the elevator to the top of the cliff to the National Sanctuary of our Sorrowful Mother, a reflection place for all faiths. You’ll love its sunken garden, ferns, flower beds, statuary, shrines and chapels. Wander flower-lined pathways, under towering firs and along running streams. It provides a splendid panoramic view of the Columbia River, southwest Washington and Mount St. Helens.