Gardens and History of New England and Canada

September 22-29, 2004

The Northeastern United States is a treasure trove of history, gardens and beautiful fall weather. Travel with Sagers Garden Travelers through New England and Canada to enjoy the rugged beauty of the gardens and the season.

Since the founding of the United States, Boston has been a center of culture and history. The rugged mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont give the area unparalleled charm.  Montreal is a fascinating blend of French and English languages and cultures with its own Canadian flavor mixed in. The Canadians produce beautiful gardens like you will see nowhere else.

Relax and enjoy your drive through the exquisite hardwood forests of these areas. Dine on delicious food and enjoy great traveling companions. Stay at first class hotels to relax after daily sightseeing.

DAY 1 Wednesday

  • Fly to Boston.

DAY 2 Thursday

  • The first steps of revolution took place in Boston. Visit sites on America’s Freedom Trail in and around Boston and feel what those early patriots felt as they declared their independence.

DAY 3 Friday

  • Tour Lexington and Concord where "the shot heard round the world," started the American Revolution. The statues and countryside are American landmarks.
  • The USS Constitution, launched in 1797, is better known as Old Ironsides, and purportedly is the oldest commissioned ship in the world.
  • "Command" Old Ironsides at the USS Constitution Museum and experience more than 200 years of the ship’s history and Navel History.

DAY 4 Saturday

  • Old American values, customs, and inventions are still alive at Canterbury Shaker Village. Members of this community gardened, farmed and created tools, textiles, utensils, crafts and gracious furniture that are still available for purchase today.  You’ll love browsing the gardens, grounds and nature trails and shopping in the gift store.
  • You’ll arrive on their festival of wool day. Craftsmen of all kinds will be on hand demonstrating their varied crafts.
  • Relax and enjoy the drive through the lovely hardwood forests of New Hampshire and Vermont. 

Day 5 Sunday

  •  In a secluded, wooded area of Vermont, visit the Joseph Smith Memorial and gardens which mark the birthplace of the founding prophet of the LDS Church. 
    What would a trip through the Sugar Maples of Vermont be without a stop for authentic maple syrup? At the Morse Farm, you’ll see how the process takes place from start to finish and from the past to now. Sample real maple syrup with all the traditional local "trimmings." 

Day 6 Monday

  • You’ll love a pleasant stroll to get the flavor of New England at the Shelburne Museum. For those who have toured with us to other Vanderbilt Estates, this is Mrs. Lila Vanderbilt Webb’s collection of American Folk art, artifacts and architecture. Tour 37 unique buildings she preserved to help tell the American story.
  • It is much more than a museum. It is a delightful mixture of New England with galleries of arts and crafts and historic structures dismantled and moved in from all over New England, reconstructed and restored. Who’d expect a ship 2 miles from Lake Champlain, a lighthouse, or a railroad roundhouse in a country setting? You’ll love the gardens, ponds, and covered bridge in this delightful place.
  • After a lovely drive through the forests of Vermont, you’ll enjoy the rolling countryside of Quebec home of the French Canadians. Prepare to delight in the culture and beauty of one of Canada’s loveliest cities, Montreal.

Day 7 Tuesday

  • Ride to the top of the world’s tallest inclined tower, the Montreal Tower at Olympic Park for a view of the beautiful Montreal area.
  • Walk through the Biodome: a unique feast for the senses and experience four ecosystems of the Americas in one place. Examine fascinating insects from all over the world in the Insectarium.
  • Roam 96 acres of Quebec’s and Canada’s gardening crown jewel at the Botanical Garden of Montreal via their special tram.
  • Choice displays include vegetables and fruits, annuals and perennials and season color on many outstanding trees. Tens of thousands of plants await your perusal in rose gardens, greenhouses, Chinese, Japanese, alpine and other gardens.  This is a don’t-miss extravaganza.
  • Enjoy a special evening among hundreds of Chinese lanterns alight in the Chinese Gardens of this lovely place. 

Day 8 Wednesday

  • Visit Old Montreal and enjoy the flavor of Old Europe and New Canada. Tour the Basilica of Notre Dame, one of Canada’s most magnificent French-Canadian churches and one of the largest in North America.
  • Catch an afternoon flight from Montreal to Salt Lake City.