Garden Delights of the Northwest and Canada

July 28-Aug 1, 2005

Travel with Larry and Diane Sagers to enjoy the magnificent beauty of the gardens and the coastal scenery of the Northwest and Canada designed specifically for gardeners. This area is garden country and the Canadians make the most of it. Northwest Washington and Canada are replete with fantastic gardens. Savor the glorious array of summer blooms in their well tended gardens. You will marvel at the pristine beauty of the Canadian wilderness around the sound. Dine on delicious food and enjoy traveling with other gardening enthusiasts. Enjoy excellent lodging to relax after daily sightseeing.

Tour Highlights

  • View the vistas, harbor and mountains of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada from Queen Elizabeth Park if you can take your eyes from terraced hills decked with, verdant annuals, fountains, and thickets and lush sunken and quarry gardens.
  • Enter an enchanted world in the geodesic dome of Bloedel Conservatory. Wander through the jungle home of flamboyant tropical fish and birds in this lush greenhouse.
  • Ramble through formal, perennial and rock gardens, graced with begonias hydrangeas, phlox and more that grace Van Dusen Botanical Garden.  Walk through the maze and see the delightful trough gardens, hanging baskets, roses, fuchsias and lilies. Experience famous Canadian, Sino Himalayan Garden and the desert, Mediterranean, Southern Hemisphere displays.
  • Vancouver is North America’s gateway to the Orient with exciting ethnic groups and spectacular Chinese and Japanese Gardens.
  • While visiting Chinatown, see the Dr Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden known as the finest outside China. It is modeled after the regal gardens of the ancient Ming Dynasty and the Taoist philosophy of Yin and Yan.
  • Dabble in a wide variety of magnificent displays in the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden where exotic species from across the globe mingle. This is a treasure nestled in a hauntingly handsome coastal forest. Savor the Asian collection, beautiful climbing roses, vines, clematis and hostas in perennial beds. Stroll in the physic, native gardens and the Alpine garden – one of North America’s best. Visit their amazing vegetable variety gardens, and one of the West’s most interesting espaliered dwarf fruit tree collections.
  • Enjoy the view and feel the ocean air on your face as you ride the ferry through the lovely Puget Sound islands from Vancouver to Victoria on Vancouver Island and delight in another excursion from the Island to the state of Washington. Relish the sight of ocean birds and scenic wooded beauty of these lovely islands.
  • Stroll the grounds of Hatley Castle at Royal Roads University, a picturesque facility set among natural forests. The showpieces of the park are the formal perennial, Italian, Japanese, and English rose gardens.
  • At the University of Victoria, you will stroll through Finnerty Gardens, a former estate garden. See extensive collections of spectacular perennials.
  • You will never forget Butchart Gardens, one of North America’s most visited and beloved gardens. Jennie Butchart transformed an abandoned limestone quarry into a floral extravaganza that is one of the world’s finest Sunken Gardens. This pristine fantasyland will leave you speechless as you shoot dozens of photos of the spectacular plantings.
  • Ramble through a living rainbow of vibrant color of gorgeous blossoms, foliage, waterfalls, and a fairyland of luxuriant green-draped rock walls with colors reflected in the fountains and lake.
  • Savor the Italian courtyard’s magnificent blend of water and plants. Enjoy the serenity of the Japanese Garden, stroll through the delightful perennials of the English Garden and enjoy the wondrous roses.
  • For a special delight, your visit includes a stay into the evening to indulge in the subtle summer lighting of the gardens and the exciting panorama of spectacular summer fireworks.
  • Stroll the waterfront of Victoria, see the world famous Empress Hotel, its hanging baskets and grounds. Walk through the lovely landscape of the Parliament and other government buildings and experience the ambiance of downtown Victoria.
  • Saunter through the lovely herbs, perennials, lily pond and sunken garden of the Government House Gardens. These are set against a backdrop of beautiful trees.
  • Watch the mechanical workings of Seattle’s Chittenden Lock, then thread your way through the plant bounties in the delightful Carl English Jr. Garden. It is a fairyland of flowers in a compact area.
  • Washington Park Arboretum, a jewel in Seattle’s crown, will enthrall you. The Olmsted brothers designed it in English style. Browse hillsides, meadow gardens, and striking specialty gardens with some of the country’s finest tree and shrub collections. Walk through to scenic lookouts, and beautiful displays of perennials.
  • Meander through the elegant Japanese Garden, one of the finest in North America among Japanese maples, evergreens, mosses and ferns.
  • Pikes Place Market is a don’t-miss feature of Seattle. Watch fish mongers toss their wares (literally), sample fresh produce and seafood, find a trinket, a bouquet of dry or fresh flowers, an array of arts and crafts, or window shop and listen to street minstrels in this famous open-air market.