Fall Gardens & History of Philadelphia

September 10-17, 2003

Join us on our tour of the Fall Gardens and History of Philadelphia. Enjoy reminders of the past, stroll through some of the most magnificent gardens of North America, and feel the ambiance of Philadelphia with Larry and Diane Sagers. To make your visit day more enjoyable, we have selected many outstanding attractions in the vicinity of the city of Brotherly love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From long before the Revolutionary war to the present, this area holds a great part of our nation’s heritage. The Philadelphia area is so diverse that we can visit top caliber historic sites, gardens and other attractions. Much of American history comes from this area. Dine on delicious food and enjoy great traveling companions. Staying at a single hotel for the entire trip means you can relax without moving suitcases. Get answers to your garden questions from the garden guru, Larry Sagers, while enjoying splendid gardens. Larry is a horticulturist with Utah State University Extension and host of the Saturday Morning KSL Greenhouse show. Larry and Diane Sagers have conducted many tours in 38 states and 4 countries.

DAY 1 Wednesday

  • Relax on your midmorning nonstop flight via Delta Airlines to Newark. Travel by luxurious motor coach to Philadelphia.

DAY 2 Thursday

  • The fate of our nation was in the balance during the Civil War. Feel the hallowed grounds of Gettysburg, where so many paid the ultimate sacrifice and Abraham Lincoln delivered his eloquent address. To satiate chocolate lovers who are going with us, we’ll stop at Hershey Chocolate World. The aroma of chocolate even pervades the city of Hershey, Pennsylvania. Milton Hershey loved gardens. What began as a rose garden has evolved into a 23-acre masterpiece of rock gardens, rose gardens, a conservatory and beautiful displays at Hershey Gardens.

DAY 3 Friday

  • Visit two garden estates of the famed DuPonts of Delaware. Nemours is one of the opulent mansions of Alfred I. DuPont patterned after Louis XIV’s chateau in France. Formal gardens followed the French Style of landscape design. It also features a carriage house with antique cars and carriages. Winterthur is one of America’s loveliest naturalized gardens. Take a tram ride through 1000 acres of vistas of forests, streams and rolling hills or forests that include rare species from East Asia.

DAY 4 Saturday

  • Many of the freedoms you enjoy today trace their birthplace to Philadelphia. Independence National Historic Park is a must-see for every American. Feel the sprit of early patriots who declared their independence to establish the greatest country the world has ever known at Independence Hall. See one of the most recognizable symbols of our nation, The Liberty Bell, housed in a special display.
  • Tour the fabulous, brand new, National Constitution Center, opening on July 4 of this year. Experience the struggle to create the constitution and its relevance to our lives, through movies and hands-on exhibits in this don’t miss attraction. Contrast the brash rhetoric of the Declaration of Independence with the suffering of the troops in the winter at Valley Forge. Relive some of those memories at General George Washington’s headquarters. This monument stands for the courage of soldiers who fought for the freedom of this fledgling nation.

Day 5 Sunday

  • Spend a peaceful Sunday at Fairmount Park. Browse the Philadelphia Museum of Art, ranked as one of the world’s major art museums featuring works of artists like Cezanne, Poussin, Monet, Renoir, Rubens and Van Gogh as well as modern artists. Stroll through a landscaped arboretum, greenhouse displays and lovely outdoor gardens at The Horticulture Center. Peace, beauty and tranquility are the themes of the Japanese House and Garden.

Day 6 Monday

  • Don your striped overalls, matching cap and go "all aboard" to one of the nation’s most exciting railroad museums. Experience the golden age of railroads at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. See restored locomotives from the 19th century wood burning engines to modern streamliners. Imagine one of the most productive agricultural counties in the United States with no tractors. Imagine life without the automobile, telephone or electricity. Horse drawn carriages are not a thing of the past in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Fabulous crafts and hand-made quilts are still a way of life in the towns with charming names like Bird-in-Hand, Latits, and Smoketown.

Day 7 Tuesday

  • The horticultural highlight of the DuPont estates is Longwood Gardens. Considered the finest garden in the Western Hemisphere, it includes 350 landscaped acres and more than 600 acres of natural forests and lakes. Nearly four acres of conservatories house the finest displays in the world. Stroll among fountains, Italian and French gardens, idea gardens, desert gardens, topiaries and water gardens. Eat lunch in the garden at their delightful restaurant. Longwood leaves you wanting more no matter how long you stay.

Day 8 Wednesday

  • On Christmas night, 1776, General George Washington and 2400 soldiers crossed the Delaware to capture Trenton, New Jersey. Washington Crossing is a 500-acre park dedicated to that memory.  See the historic buildings, cemetery and monuments. Walk through the Bowman Hill Wildflower Preserve before we wing our way home.